2018 Reinvent recap

This is article compiles all my vlogs from AWS Reinvent 2018. If you are attending reInvent for the first time watching these videos can be helpful.

Getting ready for AWS reInvent 2018!

In this video I brink my maternal side out and share with you my tips on how to pack, how to organize your experience and also how to stay sane during the most crazy conference of the year — AWS reInvent!

Sunday/Day 0 at AWS reInvent

This is a video vlog of my first day at reInvent. Sunday I call it day 0. This video is about registering to the conference and showing a bit around the Venetian.

Monday/Day 1 at AWS reInvent

This is a video vlog of my second day at reInvent. Come with my on Monday — I go to workshops, sessions and meet lots of cool people on the way.

Tuesday/Day 2 at AWS reInvent

Come with me on Tuesday. Today I meet other serverless heroes, get a video shoot, visit the expo in the Venetian, do some interviews, party at the Serverless Inc. happy hour and judge the non profit hackathon! What a day!

Wednesday/Day 3 at AWS reInvent

This was a relaxed day just a few meetings, Andy Jassy keynote and the AWS user group leaders meeting!

Watch the full keynote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOIkOnW640A

Thursday/Day 4 at AWS reInvent

Today it was a crazy day. First Werner keynote, then some twitch interview, then the rain make my day impossible but I managed to get the interviews I was looking for and to end the day re:play party!

Watch Werner keynote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=femopq3JWJg

Watch the whole twitch interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS1NvjmT_Zs

Friday/Day 5 at AWS reInvent

Short day at reInvent. Serverless Heroes breakfast and them meeting Ben Kehoe and Nitzan Shapira for an interview.

After that I went to check Las Vegas!

Serverless and Databases reInvent Launches re:Cap

Going over Serverless and Databases launches of AWS reInvent 2018

Machine learning and other services reInvent Launches re:Cap

Going over Machine learning and other services launches of AWS reInvent 2018


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